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Now a day people cannot stay for a minute without internet. Internet has become very popular and important media. You can use internet for many purposes and business is very important reason. Now young starts use internet to use social media and this is very necessary thing. That is why, they use smart phone and tablet PC. Because by those media, they can response and contact fast with their friends. Smartphone and tablet pc use Wi-Fi and this is why, users like to use those devices. Wi-Fi internet connection is very cheap and you do not think about extra bill of internet for monthly. With the similar internet bill, you can use same internet connection in multiple devices.
You have to buy a router and this device helps user to open Wi-Fi facilities for all of the users. There are different routers of different brands and you can purchase any one which suits your area. But when you purchase router, then you should give attention to the router brand name first and then coverage area. You may choose any router from D-Link, Digicom, Fon, Encore, Motorola, Netgear so on brands. These are popular router brands in the market. You can buy any one and you should make you smart by reading this article for solving various router related problem.
Now you have to read this article and read the router manual. You will get many additional papers in the router box. You need to read all of those papers and collect IP address, username and password from those papers. You have to secure Wi-Fi and router. You will get everything in the router manual for securing the router device. Those are very necessary things and IP address of D-Link, Digicom, Fon, Encore, Motorola, Netgear is You need to collect default username and password. That information will be used for login to the router control section.
You have to use a browser and you can use any browser as a tool for login to the router. You can use your default browser and type the IP address on the address bar. After pressing the enter button, you should have seen a login page. On that page, you will put default username and password. When you press the Enter button from the keyboard again, then you will be logged in to the router. If you do not see the login screen, then it could be various problem and various reasons.
In a router, many problems may appear and that is why, you may not see the login screen page. There are few common reasons of not appearing the login screen page. If you use wrong IP address instead of the default IP address, then you will see error message and you cannot login to the router. Sometimes, firewall blocks the default IP address and you will get error screen. However, you need to know how to solve all of those problems and make sure that you have read the router manual properly.
I think that you have not faced any problem and you have logged in the router control panel. Now you can secure the Wi-Fi connection and setup all necessary settings easily. There are many options for Wi-Fi and you should enable all of the features. After login to the router, you should setup Wi-Fi and internet connection for the first time. Then you should secure Wi-Fi and router security. Changing the default username and password are enough for router security and you should not change the default IP address Unless the IP confliction problem, you should not change the default IP address.
You should not change the default IP address unnecessarily. You can change the default IP address when you have IP address confliction problem. You have no any other way to fix the router problem. You can change the default IP address from the router control panel if you want to avoid IP address confliction problem. If in the same network and in the multiple devices the same IP address run, then the IP address confliction occurs. If in the network, if you see 3 devices and then you can change the default IP address from two devices and you can keep the default IP address as it is.
You need to change the default IP address for avoiding the error of the router and other IP address confliction. You cannot solve this IP address confliction problem any other way until by changing the default IP address. You have to log in to the router with the default IP address and find out the place where the IP address is located. Now you have to change the default IP address from back side instead of the front side. If you change the default IP address from the front, then the IP address class will be changed. You have to careful about this. You can change the IP address from the back and you can put the number from 0 to 255 instead of X of IP address 192.168.X.X. You must not use letter or any sign. You can put dot for making partition in the IP address. Do not use space or any other sign in the IP address and that will make the IP address completely invalid. The invalid IP address has no work. That is why, you have to be careful.
You should know all of the ways of secure the router and Wi-Fi. You can learn many things from this article but it is not enough. You have to secure the router and Wi-Fi. That is why, you have to learn more. If you read this article, then you may learn more but your training will be completed if you read manual. You have to enable Wi-Fi and router security from the control of the router setting page. You can change the IP address for securing the router but it is not necessary. This is very easy to change the IP address.
That is why, you should read the router manual if you want to get advance or smart user of the router. In the router manual, you will get everything clearly and those will help you to get quick solution. You can use YouTube or Google to retrieve more information about router and Wi-Fi. But you must not get any better article on IP address This article is important for all of the users. Now you can start work of using the router and all of the security settings. You can check YouTube.com site for video guide.